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Trolls. For some, they are funny; others are annoyed by them. Some can enjoy some good trolling, others are embarressed. Trolling can be destructive, but it is also a creative process, which emphasises mistakes and misunderstandings, and helps accelerate the development of our society.

This duality gives us the reason to take a more detailed look at the phenomenon of trolling. That's why the Mannheim hackerspace RaumZeitLabor wants to invite you to the first international Trollcon, in Mannheim. For two days, we will take a look at open questions surrounding the trolls, such as: Are trolls allowed to do anything? Where does trolling end, and destructive behaviour start? Is the something like ethics for trolls?

The hackerspace RaumZeitLabor is the ideal location for this conference, as many of its creative members have been engaged in very different fields of trolling research. A large number of events and activities, started by our members, have been getting attention throughout the region and beyond.

We are honoured to have a keynote by the well-known researcher Stefan Krappitz, who wrote his diploma research paper on the topic of 'troll culture'.

If you want to participate and share your creative and insightful talk at our conference, feel free to send your topic and an interesting abstract, as well as some information about yourself in our submission system before September 10th. We will get back to you until September 15th and let you know if your entry got accepted.

Trollcon will take place in the rooms of the Mannheim hackerspace RaumZeitLabor. Participation is free, as we hope to finance the event with donations.