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Coming up soon is the closing of a formal lease for the room which will cause additional running expenses to us. Currently we are unable to cover all expenses through the sale of Food and Drinks or the offering of workshops. Also we are busily renovating and there are maintainance-expenses. In order to cover all these costs we ask for donations.

That's where you come into play!

We would like to ask you to set up a monthly donation in favor of the Hackerspace Rhein Neckar.

Recipient: RaumZeitLabor e.V.
Account-Nr: 39061040
Bank code number: 67050505
Institute: Sparkasse Rhein Neckar Nord
Purpose: Spende

In german:

Empfänger: RaumZeitLabor e.V.
Kontonummer: 39061040
Bankleitzahl: 67050505
Institut: Sparkasse Rhein Neckar Nord
Verwendungszweck: Spende

Every Amount is welcome. Receipts can be given on demand.

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