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Projekt K.R.A.C.H.

Release status: beta [box doku]

Projekt K.R.A.C.H.jpg
Beschreibung Modularsynthesizer
Autor(en)  Felicitus, mxf
Letzte Version  0.9a13

Das Projekt K.R.A.C.H. ist ein Modularsynthesizer, der von Benutzer:Felicitus und Benutzer:mxf gebaut wird. Im folgenden werden die meisten Infos in Englisch geschrieben, um anderne Benutzern Infos zu dem Projekt und Problemlösungen zu der Konstruktion der Module zu bieten.


Finished Modules

Build Log

Build log started on 2012-05-11, events prior that are not logged.

Date Log Entry
2012-06-05 Finished the PolyDAC module
2012-05-25 Drilled the VCA panel and (almost) finished that module - the PCB needs to be mounted on the front panel. Created the PolyDAC front panel and glued it to the base.
2012-05-23 PolyDAC PCB arrived, populated the board.
2012-05-21 Drilled ADSR front panel, mounted things. Module working!
2012-05-17 Printed the front panel designs, cut the front panels into size, glued things together.
2012-05-10 Drilled the LFO PCB, yet unpopulated. Finished building the other PCBs (ARP VCF, VCA, ADSR etc). They are missing front panels so far.

Planned Modules or under construction

The following modules are under construction:

  • 3x YuSynth ADSR-2
    • 2x ADSR-2 PCBs are built, the front panels are under construction
    • Other PCB needs drilling
  • 1x YuSynth VCO
    • PCB is built, needs front panel
  • 2x YuSynth VCA
    • One VCA is built, PCB needs to be mounted to the front panel
    • The other VCA PCB is etched, needs drilling
  • 2x YuSynth LFO-1
    • One LFO PCB is drilled, other one needs drilling
  • 1x YuSynth ARP4072
    • Built, needs front panel
  • Minimoog VCF
    • Etched, needs drilling
  • EMS Filter
    • Etched, needs drilling


  • 1x PolyDAC MIDI to CV Converter
  • 1x PSU
  • Atari Junk Console
  • Atari Punk Console
  • 16 Step Sequencer


The Synth-Format used is the one by YuSynth (MOTM). Specs are as follows:

Module Height 8.75" (22.225 cm)
Module Width (minimum) 2.125" (5.3975 cm)
Module Depth (max) 4.5" (11.43 cm)
Jacks 1/4" (6,35mm)
Power +/-15V
Power Jackets PSK Series, 3 contacts (+15V, GND, -15V) - YuSynth PCBs need to be adjusted for that. Alternative is PSK Series, 5 contacts (+15V, EMPTY, EMPTY, GND, -15V) to PSK series, 3 contacts.

I'm using the PSK 5 pin connectors for all YuSynth modules and simply connect only the three required wires. Other side of the cable is a PSK 3 pin connector to connect to the PSU.


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