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Boveristraße 22-24, 68309 Mannheim
49.507242 8.499177
N49° 30' 26.071" E8° 29' 57.037"
Navigational aid
+49 157 / 352 461 07 (Raumhandy)
+49 621 / 762 31 370 (Raumtelefon)

General advice

Whichever way you're coming here, you should always first note one of the two phone numbers above so you can call experienced members (RaumZeitLaboranten) for advice if lost. Despite our best efforts here, this place is not the easiest to find.

Once arrived for the very first time at the RaumZeitLabor, it makes sense to call some attention to yourself (introduce yourself). It is a known phenomenon that members are occasionally too immersed in their activities to notice a new face. How? - Just look for someone who appears to be doing something interesting, someone who seems sympathetic to you or someone who happens to sit right next to you and talk to him/her.


BreadCrumbz is an Android-Application that can navigate you along a route. The corrrect route for pedestrians (starting at the Boveristrasse) is available here.

Public transportation

Timetables are available on the info page of the VRN] (the regional provider of public-transportation) (mobile-version for Cellphone/PDA) or in the timetables put up in the bus/tram/train stations for the stop Haltestelle Boveristraße. They are available on all stops for these lines:

  • Tram RNV line 4
    • Direction Bad Dürkheim
    • Direction Heddesheim, "Bahnhof OEG"
  • Tram RNV line 5
    • Direction Weinheim-Mannheim-Heidelberg-Weinheim
    • Direction Weinheim-Heidelberg-Mannheim-Weinheim
  • Bus RNV line 59
    • Direction Feudenheim, "Endstelle"
    • Direction Luzenberg

Going by car

A video description of the route is available on Vimeo

  1. Coming from the "Neustadter Straße", drive into "Boveristrasse" (in other words: go on straight ahead). It begins at the bridge under the "Friedrich-Ebert-Straße" (B38).
    1. point of reference: The ICE route (Bullet-train) should be located on your left.
    2. point of reference: Right behind the bridge on the right hand side there is the Gate No 1 ("Tor 1") of Alstom.
    3. point of reference: After about 250 meters (~300 yards) there is the there is the main gate of the "Spedition Kübler" and "City Box" on the right hand side.
    Shortcut: If the main gate to the "Spedition Kübler" (it's on the right hand side next to a pedestrian-gate) is open, you can drive in there and immediately turn left. Then continue with item No 7.
  2. 500 meters (.3 miles) after the bridge you drive into the entrance to the "Alstom/ABB"-parking lots (to your right)
    1. point of reference: The entrance has a 2.5 meter tell-tail (it says "ALSTOM" in bright yellow letters)
    2. point of reference: Two big balls of light (street lamps) frame the entrance
    3. point of reference: If you drive under a pedestrian bridge or see an "ALDI"-supermarket to your right, you've missed the right turn
  3. Drive on until the next street crosses yours. Turn right here.
    1. point of reference: After a few meters you see "Frauen-Parkplätze" (dedicated ladies parking lots) (coloured pink)
  4. Drive on until you're about 10 meters (10 yards) in front of the Entrance to the "ALSTOM" facilities.
  5. Turn right and drive through the gate that comes up in 20 meters (20 yards) (if it is closed, call the Raumtelefon as seen in the section #Adress and ask for assistance)
  6. Drive on between Office buildings and storagehouses until you are right in front of a brick wall with a gate (it leads to the Boveristrasse). Now turn right
    1. point of reference: at the gate there is plenty of space for turning. This area can also be used for parking.
  7. Follow the tracks in the road then turn right
  8. Drive on between the warehouses then turn right
  9. Park the car here


As soon as we have new maps from free sources, we will immediately make them available here.

Sketch of directions (Overview)
Sketch of directions (Detail view)
  • On foot or by bike
  • Car/Truck
  • final approach
  • yellow dots with red frames are gates.
    • The left one is only open during the working hours of the "Spedition Kübler" (Mon to Fri until about 5 PM)
    • The right one is open during the working hours of the "Spedition Kübler". After work it is accessible with an access-code (call the Raumtelefon for assistance here)
  • Path for bikes and wheelchairs


The first two pictures show the way from the right side gate (that is also accessible after work hours) to the main gate (on the Boveristraße).

The other pictures describe the "final approach" (green route on the map).

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