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Weinheimer Straße 58, 68309 Mannheim, 2. Stockwerk rechte Tür
49.5074245 8.5206511
+49 621 / 762 31 370 (Raumtelefon)

Call this numbver, when you are faced with a locked door (in the evening from about 5 pm, all day on weekends or holidays) or when you can't find the RaumZeitLabor at all.

General advice

Whichever way you're coming here, you should always first note our phone number above so you can call us for advice if lost. Despite our best efforts here, we're not quite easy to find.

Once arrived for the very first time at the RaumZeitLabor, it makes sense to call some attention to yourself (introduce yourself!). It is a known phenomenon that members are occasionally too immersed in their activities to notice a new face. How? - Just look for someone who appears to be doing something interesting, someone who seems sympathetic to you or someone who happens to sit right next to you and talk to him/her.

At you will find an interactive map that will show you the way.

Public transportation

The preferred stop is Käfertal Bahnhof, which is served by RNV line 5, 5A or 15 and buses 53, 54, 55, 64 and 67.

Timetables are available on the info page of the VRN] (the regional provider of public-transportation).

Auf findest du eine interaktive Karte mit eingemaltem Weg und eine gute Wegbeschreibung vom Bahnhof Käfertal zum RaumZeitlabor.

At you will find an interactive map that will show you the way. A translation of the description of the footpath from the stop to the RaumZeitLabor follows:

  1. Drive to the main gate and try to open it via phone (number not provided here for obvious reasons)
  2. An underpass goes under the B38 and brings you to Weinheimer Strasse.

Going by car

Car journey for dummies

  1. Drive to the parking lot in front of the building; park here.

Going by car from the east (B38 Viernheimer Kreuz)

  1. From Viernheimer Kreuz drive west to Mannheim center. Keep on the left lane.
  2. In the drawn right curve you see on the left side a big building with a Trendfabrik logo on the roof. You will want to park here later.
  3. Turn left at the first intersection and make a 180° left turn onto Weinheimer Straße, which runs parallel to the B38.
  4. Go straight until you come to the building mentioned above.

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