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Just look up if someone is in the room online: . If the status is green, someone is in the room. Just call our phone (the Raumtelefon) and let us know so people don't vanish before you come in. On the phone you can also receive info on how to get here (unfortunately we are not the easiest to reach here).

As a Member (Mitglied) you are free to use the room at any time. To do so you will receive a personal Pin-code. Because the door to the staircase cannot be opened via pin, you may require an additional key there. Upon leaving the room please check if there is still someone else in the room. The last member leaving is responsible for locking the door via pinpad (666). (Non-members are never allowed to be in the room without members being present due to insurance-regulations)

If noone is in the room (Status: red), you need to wait until a member comes in. Use the IRC channel to contact members about this.


The room is secured by a locking system of our own making. You can open up the room using your personal PIN (as a member).

Each member who entered their SH Key into the user Database (BenutzerDB) can open the door via SSH. To do so you need to connect to with the user "tuer" via SSH. Then you can control the door with "open" and "close".


Host tuer
Port 2323


main room

The second door can serve as emergency backup. There are three keys for it:

  1. Abrock
  2. Key-box
  3. Key-box


  1. Bert
  2. BFritz0815
  3. DaFo
  4. dj2mc
  5. Docsteel
  6. D0n
  7. Eeemsi
  8. Hannes
  9. hax404
  10. Inte
  11. Lutoma
  12. Monika
  13. Nairolfo
  14. Nessi
  15. nicoduck
  16. Niklas
  17. pennylane
  18. Raphael Eiselstein
  19. Scytale
  20. sebi
  21. sECuRE
  22. sur5r
  23. TabascoEye
  24. thinkJD
  25. tiefpunkt
  26. Trickster
  27. Unicorn
  28. Zwetschgo

Pedestrian-gate Boveristraße

  1. BFritz0815
  2. Eeemsi
  3. Hannes
  4. Inte
  5. Lutoma
  6. nazco
  7. the_nihilant
  8. Unicorn
  9. Zwetschgo


Door to the drink-storage

It can be opened with your personal PIN-code.

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